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For over 90 years, F.M. Carriere & Son has provided ingredients to the food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.  

About Us

F.M. Carriere & Son was established in 1921 by Frank Carriere, Sr.  The company was created to supply manufacturers with quality ingredients with first class service.  We are now in our fourth generation at F.M. Carriere & Son and the same principle holds true today.  F.M. Carriere is dedicated to providing the ever changing food industry with products they desire with service that has no equal.  Over the many years, F.M. Carriere & Son has added various product lines to the already extensive product list.  We are committed to staying on the forefront of the ingredient industry.

How we offer products


Over the many years of being in business, we have developed various ways to provide products to our customers ranging from a single box / bag to full container shipments.  Our extensive supply channels allow us to access many items for quick shipping and small minimums.  Also, it allows for us to provide pallets, truckloads and container shipments to our larger customers. 


Please contact us to discuss your needs and  a representative of F.M. Carriere & Son will provide further details on how to best supply your company.


Our goal is to establish a long term supply strategy with our suppliers to grow our business together.  We do extensive work to approve a supplier.  We make certain the supplier can provide the food safety requirements needed for all upcoming changes in the industry.  Food safety is our main requirement.  

We are pleased to advise we have been doing business with most of our suppliers for many years.  We plan to do business with the same suppliers for generations to come.  

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